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We all love our wines, but do we know the next big thing in wine openers.
today we bring you the top wine openers by public demand.

Removing the cork from a wine bottle should be a straightforward task, and yet there are at least a half dozen possible approaches. So, what’s the best one? Is it just down to personal preference or do some types of wine openers work better and more consistently than others? In this buying guide, we’ll go over the different models of wine openers on the market and make some recommendations at the end. Our favorite, the HiCoup’s Professional Waiter Corkscrew , is an absolute classic. Once you get the hang of this corkscrew opener, we doubt you’ll use anything else.

Types of wine openers

Most wine openers work by driving a corkscrew into the cork, either by twisting or by operating a lever. Then, you remove the cork either by continuing the twisting motion or by using more leverage. There are a number of ways to do this, which we’ll look at in a moment.

However, there are two types of wine opener that use a different method. The first is called a cork puller. It has two thin prongs, which are wiggled onto either side of the cork — between it and the glass of the bottle. The cork is then twisted and pulled out. The same device can also be used to reinsert the cork. The main benefit of this kind of wine opener is that it doesn’t damage the cork. However, there’s certainly a knack to operating it. (There are tutorial videos that can help.)

The second type is the air-pump wine opener. A needle is inserted through the cork and air is pumped in, forcing the cork out. Tight corks can cause problems for these openers and may require more physical effort than you were expecting. They are also not recommended for use with plastic corks.

The list of top Wine Bottle Openers Industry includes:

Twister easy-turn corkscrews

True 8359 Twister: Easy-Turn Corkscrew, One Size, Sage

The Twister easy-turn corkscrews Keep turning the sleek chrome handle and watch the cork come up and out of the bottle. It’s a piece of cake.

Twister easy-turn corkscrews Testimonials

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