Wine Bottle Stopper Password Lock Combination


Preserve your best Wine and keep away intruders .

Great idea to protect against minors at home and have control over parties and reunion.

This lock will keep you wine safe until you are ready to enjoy.


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Product Details

Easy to save wine and environmental protection
High Quality Black Plastic Red Wine Stopper Digital Bottle
Locks Safe Gift Locks. This a code lock which can lock the mouth of the red wine bottle, makes the wine bottle sealed ,keep the red wine in bottle fresh. It can prevent red wine being stolen drunk or switched. Red wine with this code lock will be very safe.It’s suitable to be used in pub,wine shop,hotel,super market etc. It’s also suitable for promotional gifts.

Password setting method:
1st step: Press and hold the silver round button on top;
2nd step: Adjust the number on top( initial password:000) to a new password you want to set;
3rd step: Release the button,password setting will be finished.

Package Included:
1 x Wine Stopper Lock


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